David Liffiton

"The Attitube has really improved my core strength and balance. It’s a great tool to stimulate the muscles you will need to stabilize yourself in contact sports. The tube really makes your entire body work. It’s an awesome full body burn. I really enjoy training with this product and I feel it has helped me take my game and conditioning to the next level." David Liffiton Current Professional Hockey Player
New York Rangers Defenceman '05-'07


"As a soccer player I need to have a strong core so I can hold my ground when going one on one with opposing players.
The Attitube has made my core stronger and now it is pretty hard to knock me off the ball."
                                                                                                           - Robyn Preston


Tyler Ray

"The Attitube is most definitely the future of strength and stability training. It adds a whole new dynamic to exercise that is both physically beneficial and just plain fun to do. I will surely be adding the Attitube to my training regime." Tyler Ray Certified Personal Trainer
BHK Human Kinetics
Project Vertical, Owner, Operator & Developer
2006 OUA First Team All Star Track and Field (Pentathlon)

Jamie Adjetey-Nelson

"The Attitube is the evolution of smart and efficient training." Jamie Adjetey-Nelson 4 time CIS Champion and CIS pentathlon Record holder

Ositadinma Nriagu

"Attitube finds weaknesses you never realized you had before and forces you to improve on them" Ositadinma Nriagu 2008 Senior national 4th place
2006 CIS long jump champ

Daryl Stephenson

"ATTITUBE helped with my core stability while producing a challenging workout!" Daryl Stephenson Running Back, University of Windsor Lancers Football
Hec Crighton Award Winner - 2006 Canadian University Most Outstanding Player
CIS First-Team All-Canadian
OUA Most Valuable Player

Arjei Franklin

"The ATTITUBE is a great tool to help with my core strength, balance and stability! It is very innovative and adds a different dimension to training!" Arjei Franklin Wide Receiver, Winnipeg Blue Bombers
CIS First-Team All-Canadian

Steve Connor

"The ATTITUBE is incredibly effective! You can focus on certain muscle groups and get a full body workout at the same time. There is a ton of exercises too. It’s awesome!" Steve Connor Linebacker
University of Windsor Lancers Football

Matt Haggarty

"I’ve never felt a more challenging core workout EVER until I used the ATTITUBE. I would use it for Football as well as Track & Field. I would recommend it to all football players for sure! Any athlete would benefit from using the ATTITUBE!" Matt Haggarty Receiver, University of Windsor Lancers Football
4 x 100 m. OFSAA Record Holder, Windsor, Canada

Kevin Reider

"The ATTITUBE provides a challenge while focusing on many core muscles. It compliments free weight training and stability training. You can also customize it to any athletes’ sport specific training program. I would highly recommend it!" Kevin Reider Kicker, University of Windsor Lancers Football

Charlotte Loaring

"We had the chance to use the "Attitube" in our private facility with our sports and rehab population. The clients loved it! It challenged their proprioceptive and neuromuscular systems in a very functional manner. They certainly noticed its absence. I'd have no reservations recommending the "Attitube" to others in similar settings, and look forward to continued use of this piece of equipment in our facility." Charlotte Loaring Registered Physiotherapist
Ironman Brazil Triathlete

Mary Brannagan

"Our kinesiologist and I tried the Attitube with our higher level orthopaedic patients and found it to be a new and challenging way to incorporate functional stability, balance, and core motor control into their rehab programs. When a world class ice dancer and a black belt in karate both find the Attitube quite challenging yet fun, that's a piece of equipment I'm interested in utilizing more often." Mary Brannagan, BHK, BSc(PT), Dip Manip PT, FCAMT Physiotherapist
Successful completion of 21 Marathons

Elisa DiPlacito

"I have utilized the 'Attitube' in the clinic for challenging higher level balance and core strength. I have found it effective in giving patients enough external pertubations to help retrain postural stability and proprioception. It is a fun yet demanding piece of equipment that can be utilized in many different ways." Elisa DiPlacito Registered Physiotherapist

"I am an 85 year old great grandmother waiting for hip replacement surgery. Because of intense pain when I try to move, I stay in bed
all day.  My granddaughter gave me the Attitube and it is my only form of exercise.  I keep it on the bed beside me and work out
with it several times a day.  My arms feel like they are getting toned and I sleep better and use less pain medication because of it."
                                                                                                                                        - Cora Vaughan