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ATS Certification Course - GF 

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TBA 2011  - Windsor, Ontario
TBA 2011 - Toronto, Ontario


What you will learn:

The ATTITUBE Certification Program will be held over a period of 2 days or 10 instructional hours.  During this time the following topics will be covered:

  • Science and Function of the Attitube.
  • Why it stands alone as the best piece of functional exercise equipment.
  • Proper Technique for Foundational Attitube exercises.
  • Skills to effectively teach Attitube Group Fitness Classes.
  • Incorporating Attitube into existing classes making them more beneficial and effective.
  • ATTITUBE Safety and Set Up.
  • Progressing/Regressing and Modifying exercises to accomodate individuals.
  • Class Management/Cueing and Communication.
  • ATTITUBE Training for Aerobic Conditioning.
  • (Active Fluid) Resistance Training with the ATTITUBE.
  • Choreography, Aerobic Base Moves and Transitions.
  • Examinations (Theory and Practical)

All professionals should come prepared with workout attire, water bottle, towel and proper non-marking athletic shoes.  Learning to instruct the ATTITUBE Group Fitness class is physically challenging, as it requires professionals to work with the product for an extended period of time.  Be prepared to challenge your body, as well as work up a good sweat.

Learn the techniques and how to teach them to your clients by:

 Understanding corrective movement patterns.

 Learn proper step-by-step progressions and regressions.

 Building a fundamental base.

 Learn how to integrate Attitube Training into your workouts.

 Learn the philosophy of Top-Down conditioning.

 Learn correct cueing to use to ensure safety.


Why become an ATS-GF?

- Learn the secrets of Top-Down conditioning.
- Be ahead of the game with this Evolutionary Piece of Equipment.
- Think outside the box using innovative exercises exclusive to Attitube Training.
- Improve your athlete/clients performance as well as prevent injury.
- Become an Exclusive Member of the Attitube Team.
New variety making exercise fun again.
Effective core workout with every exercise.
- Results with consistent use.
- Increase your value as a health professional.
Tone & Sculpt the whole body
Improve Member retention and keep them excited
There is nothing else like it.

- Future potential to become an Attitube Instructor.

* Ask about Hosting a Certification Course in your facility or city and enjoy more benefits as well as discounted products.





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Investment:     $ 250 (Attitube – Original sold seperately)

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·         6 Hours of Instruction from an Attitube Master Instructor.
·         Attitube Training Manual – Group Fitness


  • Tutorial DVD Included



 Note:  Dates and locations are subject to change.




 Course Approved for CEC's by:

ATS-GF:        4.0 FIS